New Jersey home loans checklist

Important documents that are needed while applying for the New Jersey home loans.

Newark’s urban center is New Jersey which offers easy commute to New York City. The peaceful shoreline and loads of venue for the entertainment makes it ideal place of residence. No wonder there are so many people who dream to own a home here. With New Jersey home loans, you can invest in the real estate or have your own home. It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for the fixed rate loan or adjustable home loan; you need to know the procedures properly.

Here is a checklist for the first time home buyers applying for the home loans:

You need to submit an accepted offer of the real estate that you intend to purchase. Along with it, you also need to offer purchase and sale agreement. Both the documents have to be signed by both the parties i.e. the seller and the buyer.

Copies of cancelled checks meant for the down-payment have to be submitted. This is necessary because as per the rules they are needed before the time of closing.

W-2 forms’ copies have to be submitted while applying for the New Jersey home loans. The loan applicant will have to mention his or her annual gross salary. Make sure the bonuses, incentives or the overtime payments are mentioned separately and not in the basic salary.

If the applicant for the New Jersey home loans is self-employed, he or she should submit the federal income tax return documents. Such people might have to be ready with previous 2 years’ documents before applying for the home loans.

Detailed statements of profit and loss have to be prepared by the accountant and submitted to the authorities while applying for the home loans.

People who access the social security, pension or disability schemes will have to be ready with their most recent stubs of past 3 months. In case the amount is directly deposited in the bank, then the person will have to bring copy of the bank statements while applying for the New Jersey home loans.

If you are divorced and are obligated to pay alimony or child support by law, then you have to submit your copy of divorce decree as well as the court order. You will also have to submit canceled checks of the previous 12 months to support your claim that you have been paying alimony or child support.

These are the most crucial documents which take time to be readied and submitted to the home loan department. For other important documents you can request your executives to guide

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